The CEC is a European network bringing together 19 national or regional organizations present in 15 countries of the European Union, involving around 1600 local associations or structures (local authority integration and social action services, schools and vocational training centers, work-based training enterprises, social cooperatives, social economy integration enterprises, residential services, reception centers…) which are involved in the training and social and vocational integration of 100,000 young people and adults with low qualifications.

Speha Fresia has been operating nationwide since 1983 in the areas of Employment Services, Vocational Training, Consulting, and the development of transnational networks. Over the years it has developed original intervention models aimed at:

– Strengthen the citizenship rights of the individual with respect to their needs for growth, professional development and socio-employment inclusion.

– Promote local development through complex interventions based on the enhancement of “system skills”, aimed at supporting territorial cohesion and competitiveness.

– Activate forms of participation and exchange with communities of operators, clients, customers and other stakeholders, such as to generate effective processes of collaboration and co-planning. – Accompany SMEs, and in particular cooperative enterprises, in their growth paths connected to the introduction of innovative models in the management of organizational processes and human resources.

IDEC is a training consulting company located in Greece, established since 1989. Our activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of digital solutions for both private and public sector. Clients of IDEC are companies – SMEs and larger ones – from a wide variety of sectors as well as NGOs, Chambers, Universities and Schools. IDEC co-operates with more than 800 institutes all over Europe and with about 300 experts on specific fields. Our team consists of 40 permanent staff – mainly engineers, adult educators, economists and international relations experts. In the field of training, IDEC shares multiannual experience in training and e- learning, as it develops and delivers numerous courses for adult learners at European level, attracting more than 500 trainees per year. Through its double role, both as educational provider and as management consulting company, IDEC is able to incorporate best practices from the business sector into the educational one, by adjusting them to the spirit of open, sustainable and accessible education for all.

Sc’opara is a cooperative of general activities, specialized in promoting economic activities by supporting people who want to become entrepreneurs and enabling a
full-scale test of the activity ensuring a high survival rate of business.

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